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Entice Advent Calendar 2018!

Entice Advent Calendar 2018!
December 1st-25th

 Advent Trees
    - Two trees (both have the same gifts)
    - One tree uses a vendor system (Non-Group Tree)  Group members can pay 1L which is refunded or non group members can purchase the advent gift for 25L
    - The other tree is the Group Tree (The bigger tree).  Entice Info Group members can wear their tag and click the gift to receive the item.
    - The gifts will only be free to group members for the day. After that, previous gifts may be purchased for 25L
    - free demos are available on the board next to the trees

 Here is the list of the gifts and their sizes:   
* On December 25th, we will be giving a gift card to group members only (1 per person).  The group will be closed to join for that day.

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