lunes, 22 de mayo de 2017

MOoH! TWE12VE May gacha

MOoH! TWE12VE May gacha

A new round of TWE12VE is open May 12 - 31. 
MOoH! is offering a great gacha within the "bloom" theme consisting 
treewood furniture with milk can vases and cuddly kitties. They will be 50L a try.

MOoH! Bloom Bench cat and hedgehog RARE
MOoH! Bloom Bench sleeping cat RARE
MOoH! Bloom chair with cat
MOoH! Bloom stool daisies
MOoH! Bloom stool pink tulips
MOoH! Bloom stool red tulips
MOoH! Bloom table daisies
MOoH! Bloom table tulips purple
MOoH! Bloom table tulips red

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