lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

MOoH! Parker Shorts Ripped Denim & Rae Socks and Pumps

MOoH! Rae Socks and Pumps
A new round of Level Up is starting May 1 - 14. 
MOoH! is offering awesome pumps with socks in cute pastel colors. 
They match perfectly with the outfits in Designer Circle this week. 
The socks and pumps will only be 99L during this round. 

MOoH! Parker Shorts Ripped Denim
A new round of Thrift shop opens today April 16 - May 8. 
MOoH! is offering 2 pairs of sexy distressed shorts in a denim and a colored Hud. 
They will be only 99L during the round. 
There are also a few other 50% discounted items in the booth.

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